Sunday, December 13, 2009

WTS?Ever feel like your reaching for a star you just can't grasp?or you actually reach it and are just like WTS! Well I have some golden fries for you

Title is what the StarBecause I will mostly be way ahead of you before you notice to look a little higher.Which might have happened for some already.So be respectful and say WTS or "what the star" instead of what the( @*&^).Why?Because we are trying to to reach a
higher level of understanding(cough).
This writing is not to be read by the weak and most definitely those who do not appreciate the
art of writing.Everything is as it is suppose to be.Grammar ect. ect. My informality in grammar
might give you the idea of a bum on the streets but lets be honest,have you questioned
whether that man who seems to be rich is about to lose his home?In other words maybe that
rich guy does not have what you are looking for,he just might not be rich.
We are not talking about money here.
The point is don't judge just yet.If my grammar does appear formal and proper than
just remember that the rich guy just might be rich :)
So now I get to the goodies.Just so you
know you have them,and please share.If you think Im a bum be charitable and if you think
Im the rich guy boy are you gonna get paid back threefold (cough). Still pondering if my germs
will spread through the internet every time I cough???(Sure comment on that idea if you like but I have a WTS ACTIVITY!!!Food For The Star.

WTS! ACTIVITY!!!Food For The Star:
If your gonna follow me and reach for the star than share a what the star moment.
Trust me you will not regret a moment of it.Daily Food for the star will satisfy.
Oh and this is not a heavens gate cult where I will tell you to drink poison to take a ride on a star.Though i will ask you to do it not in a nonliteral sense might I note most likely you will be taken that cruise if you follow my program (cough).Please read on with precaution.A what the star moment is anytime you felt a moment of emotion or experience (basically anytime in life).It can be a beautiful one or ugly,the point is that it has impacted you.It caused a difference in your life of how you view things or showed you another perspective of how others view things.
Remeber its what the star now!wts! not what the (cough).Though a (coughing) moment is a what the star moment aswell so share.Anything goes and you cannot be wrong.Share let others say wts! to your comment.I will share with you one moment of my life,as well next time and will go on and do a little twist and turns on your brain or if they are twisted straighten them out a bit.I will be hoping to get a variety of comments and say wts! to most of your shared wts! moments.Feel free to express whatever you wish,
think of it like therapy say whatever you think.Remeber sharing is caring.HANDS FREE SHARING.For the christamas spirit remember Santa will know if you've been naughty(cough) or nice(cough).
I like naughty. J/K mom.wts!

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