Sunday, February 20, 2011

wts! Then Jesus Said... and wats your favorite anime?

WTS! Follow me. For I will make you fisher of men. So they followed him. There he made many miracles before them. He fed the poor and healed the wounded.Casted out evil spirits.

He was a high priest. Who was perfect in his weakness. No man has been like him.
He was in the image of Melchizedek. Even Abraham the Patriarch gave him a percent of his plunder. For he had the promise of everlasting life. In which case it had been as if all the tribes gave a tithe to the king of righteousness and peace. The law is not of faith. The law is weak the reason for which Christ Jesus had come. To make a new covenant one that had the promise of eternal life.

An example is me putting a law. That say if you do not give me ten percent of your earnings I will bless your land more abundantly. PAYPAL account make one and give to me your ten percent. That is a law it is for the weak. However for the strong they would not give a lawful ten percent but give charity of whatever their heart so says. For it is the new covenant meaning that the laws are already in their hearts they are spiritual. they have no need to be told they bless both the least and the great. God bless. Thanks. Ask for spiritual gifts.They cannot be purchased but a free gift of God. If your heart so desires you got my paypal account.

So what is your favorite anime?
Let me know and give me a summary so that I can watch it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let us talk about The promise given to Abraham.

The promises of Abraham are now for all believers to recieve. Through Christ we became righteous and through faith we became heirs of the promise. We are not righteous by observing the law but through faith. If it were by the law than no man can be righteous. The law was put in place to lead us to Christ that faith may be revealed. We who are in Christ are no longer supervised by the law.Through faith in Christ we are sons of God. Those who live by law the promise is worthless and faith has no value.Law brings wrath and where there is no law there is no transgression. Now then we recieve the promise by faith that way it might be by grace. wether we live according to the laws or not, for he is the father of us all. Abraham kept believing even when hope seemed lost. For that God saw his faith righteous.That same righteousness is passed down unto us. For we believe in a God who creates things out of nothing and raises the dead.Now we are at peace with God and friend with him through Jesus Christ. Grace and love.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WTS! Grace and Mercy

Here a few quotes from the PSALMS for those of you who trust in the Lord.
Dwell under the wings of the LORD who is merciful and he
shall prosper you in all ways.
"But I have trusted in Your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation" (Psalm 13:5).
Psalm 37:9
those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land.
19 In times of disaster they will not wither;
in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.
22 those the LORD blesses will inherit the land
25 I was young and now I am old,
yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
or their children begging bread.
26 They are always generous and lend freely;
their children will be blessed.
34 Wait for the LORD
and keep his way.
He will exalt you to inherit the land;
40 The LORD helps them and delivers them;
he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
because they take refuge in him
Psalms 75:10
For God says, I will increase the power of the godly."
Trust the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy" (1 Timothy 6:17).
he who trusts in the Lord will be prospered
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:5,6).
"How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their
trust under the shadow of Your wings" (Psalm 36:7)
he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him" (Psalm 32:10).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

WTS! WORD OF THE DAY!!! Deeper in the word.

If you wish to be charitable and bless me financially my paypal account is your charity is greatly appreciated.

I will declare your righteousness, and your works; for they shall not profit you.
Isaiah 57:12

To me this verse is someone who claims to be righteous and does not trust in God.
So when judgement comes upon him his works which he set up for profit will be revealed and seen for what they are, filthy rags. This is because they did not seek God in their ways and did forget his name.

Woe to those who deeply hide their plans from the LORD, And whose deeds are done in a dark place, And they say, "Who sees us?" or "Who knows us?"Isaiah 29:15

This is also the same. For those who do not place their trust in the LORD he will reveal what they do in darkness. For whatever is done in darkness will be revealed
and their "good works" will do them no good. An example would be someone who breaks the law no matter how charitable they were, if they did it without the LORD than that charity will mean nothing and they will be punished. But if they have charity and they act according to the LORD or let the LORD in on their plan whether to act a certain way or not than they will not break the law and will not receive punishment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

WTS! How to Be Confident and Charming.

When most people think of confident people we imagine a wealthy and prosperous person with no worries. The truth is that the person we imagine is full of them. The difference between you and them is that they do not show it. They might dress elegantly and wear those dark shades. The truth is we are all the same. Now to have confidence we must not look down when we see such wealthy people. Quite the opposite we must think ourselves equal to them. If we lower our heads than we are simply giving in to deception. Just as they are wealthy you can be so. Most of the time one lowers themeselves because we lack confidence we do not believe that we can one day be equal to them. In all truth you must see yourself equal to them. You must meditate on that truth and instill it in your head. Know that you can have what you desire. You might not get it immediately because you have yet to set up your nets. But when you have set them up or found a place with nets you can start catching fish. The point is not to worry. You can easily get what you want. Sometimes people with nets catch no fish. Most wait for the right seasons because its when most say its the perfect time but for a confident man anytime is a perfect time to catch fish. So be that confident person. Sometimes we know that ability dwells within us but we doubt ourselves or the signs before us. So we miss out on the fortunes. SO where does confidence dwell? It dwells in a secret. It is like a treasure hidden which no man can find. If it is found by them it is one they can not have if you decide it to be so. I would advise doing a simple ritual in secret. Your own ritual whatever you decide. Make it symbolic of the confidence you desire. Make it so that only you know the details and how not one person will ever witness your ritual. They might see you wear a chain but they do not know that you used that chain as a ritual. So you wear it and its your own secret, they will admire it. Some will try to take it for themselves through seduction or force. Do not give in place that boundary your secret is yours and nobody elses even if they did take it they still won't have the charm you have. It is only at your possesion that it works. THat is how you charm things and yourself through secret rituals ones only between you and the heavens who witness your ritual. An example of ritual to prosper they give a tithe. That is 10% of whatever money they make. Through this they charm themselves to recieve more wealth. The only thing is that some place that 10% in the wrong hands. One must place it in someone who themselves have bathed themselves to gift others with that blessing of prosperity. I myself have recieved tithes from the church because they saw that I was blessed and to recieve blessing one must bless. As it is said one must bless the greater to be made greater. Iron sharpens Iron. You can be assured that you will be prospered if you give me fruits of your labor. Not only do I bless you financially but in all areas of life. You can pay me your tithes in at paypal. If you do not have a steady job you can always give me as an act of faith a small amount and I will bless you and you shall find a steady fruitful job. If you are already giving to another church look at your current situation and see if they are truly blessing you if you are getting back what you desire. I promise greater than what they offer but that is your choice. This ofcourse is for those who desire to prosper this is not for those who wallow in their sorrows worrying if they have enough for tomorrow. No if you give unto me I will bless you and your worries will be removed. Whatever you choose do it according to faith not out of compulsion but out of free will. Consider it part of your secret ritual. Meditate in peace and rest and charity and than give it unto me as charity. Like so you shall recieve abundance. That is how you become confident and charming. Through blessing the blessed and doing so you will also bless the poor and the poor themselves will grow rich through your blessings.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

WTS! Physical Abuse to correct child Destroys.

If you want to play right and wrong. Than let me tell you the one wrong that is not tolerated. This wrong is beating children to correct them. I have witnessed as a child this kind of abuse. Trust me a house with abuse will not stand in righteousness. Most parents think that abusing them will lead them to a happier fufilling life. Such acts do not lead to happier life. They leave an ill impression of what family and friends are. What kind of friend or family bruises their child or wishes them illness? So the child grows up and looks for love in all the wrong places. They start seeking love in the abusive since they do not know better. Studies show that a child who is beat is more likely to be sexually abused by others. Sexual abuse leads to trauma,shame, depression. So you beat your child to live a fufilling life? Your great "love" for them is going to lead them to suicide at worst or a drug addict pondering what wrong he has done. The only salvation for a child is to bear a cross but there is only so much a child can carry. I remember weeping as my sister got hit. I remember watching as my parents beat her like she was a grown up who has just tried to kill them. All because she wanted to stand on her own and be independent. It was like we were under the rule of the pharisees and Moses was not yet born. So we suffered and we wept but even through those harsh times we had love for one another and our Lord was with us. They must have thought we were crazy. We laughed and laughed our tears of darkness became tear of joy. It was like a light was lit in darkness. When I laughed, I thought of how ridiculous it was that we were being hit. Our childish tortured minds were looking for relief. So we laughed. Even so we laughed harder as our parents returned and said we were crazy and start hitting us again. Perhaps we just laughed at the thought that we had parents who were suppose to love you almost kill you and if God would answer their prayer in an instant that moment they would pray for us to vanish. Never doubted that. The reason why I was suicidal as child. Found some joy in thinking about death. After all as a child your greatest joy is to please your parents. The reason we didn't run away. Kill them. Report them to the police. Who knows what other things a child thinks of to be liberated. So I meditated on my death. My sister would turn on me blaming me. As a child you believe it all. So layed in my bed weeping. Lightly smiling thinking of how my family would be so glad in my death. My sister would no longer be hit my parents would be happy. I wouldn't be the favorite as my sister said, and maybe she could replace me and be the favorite. After all I hated the thought that my parent would love one over the other. This is America after all we are equals. She was the first so I always thought she was the favorite. I was favored by mother and my grandmother. I do not know why. My mother called me a savior. Truth is I see my sister more as a savior than myself, yet she never said those words to my sister. I just wish my mother would look at us both equally. Maybe that is where seperation existed. Perhaps I was more law abiding than she was. My sister was a rebel yet I was more of the one who would willingly take a beating. I knew it was not right yet I allowed my self to recieve the marks of the agression of a wrong I commited. So I prostrated in fear and positioned myself without being told in a manner that I could be "corrected". There was no love. No understanding. It was this way or get hit. One of the sad things. As a child one needs understanding or else we are left with questions, ones that haunt us. The answer that is not want to be heard is "because I said so","Just do it","Because you are stupid". No those aren't kind words. Perhaps the right words would be to explain the situation and the standards. This will benefit them greatly, their verbal skills and not suffering from being deprived of answers which can cause them great distress. Making them ponder "WHY?,WHY?,WHY?" and finding comfort in the thought of death the final payment for all wrongs.

TO be continued...
Meditate on mercy and not wrath. Wrath is beating and the only way to be
perfect is through death. Mercy is turning away from wrath. It means controlling
ones emotions. After raising your hand you see yourself in them and forgive yourself and them. Instead of being wrathful change the mood. Win the heart and they follow. So instead of violence use peace.

Monday, April 12, 2010

WTS! About Me.

Everytime I try to speak about my past I can't say that if it was good or it was bad. I have memories, sad ones and joyful ones like everyone else. I often try not to ponder on such things but they become useful in times of trials. Afterall my childhood has been full of trials. I can say that because of those trials I can view things differently, see things through different eyes or perceptions. Perhaps because of such a gift which at times I deem a curse, I often get tongue tied and have no words. It almost feels like I have millions of voices that speak which are of those whom I thought about and placed myself in their shoes. It is like learning a new language and culture. Ofcourse it takes its toll and sometimes curiousity takes the best of you and you soon realize you opened pandora's box.
That is ofcourse the past where I am lost in myth and how to explain lifes mysteries is often contradicting and confusing. A beauty ofcourse but such things I often lose faith in.
Well more to this time and leaving back some of the past. I am attending college going for a liberal arts major. Life has hit me hard with finance but ofcourse life gives us a way through. I stalled attending college because of my financial situation. Couldn't get financial aid because when I was enrolled I was going through a nervous or psychotic breakdown which led to big decline on my grades for two semesters. After the whole ordeal I managed to get those F's to A's and B's.
I couldnt maintain my job aswell since I had become intolerant. Was working at a fastfood restaurant which ofcourse added to my breakdown. After being admitted to the hospital since I had fully became helpless to my breakdown and delusions I couldn't help but to ponder and laugh at my ridiculous situtation. It had been a moment of self realization. I wept at my crappy circumstances. No job. School grades so low, grades that in my life I have never got, F's!!! and withdraws. I was devestated and still that lingering fear if I was competent at all. All my life the last place I saw myself was at a psych ward but I realized than that at some point my past would catch up and my fears. I always thought my intelligence would be my salvation but it just so happened my intelligence decieved me. My doctor said that having a smile on your face where symptoms of being psychotic but if he bother to ask and get to know me he would know why. I smiled at the fact that I who had raised myself up to be sacred and perfect a messiah even would be brought down so low in society not by society itself but circumstance after another. I realized then I couldn't control it ALL. Soon after out of the hospital which I was for one week I applied back at college. Doctor advised to take a break and just rest, my mom insited I apply. I did so. It did me well in the end. I was happy that I had gotten my grades up and my Gpa of 0.6 or something from the past semesters turned to 1.6 I got b's and a's. So I was glad helped me feel that I still had my intelliegence with me. That time my mother was able to pay but ofcourse with that pain she has when giving money. Small things like that often bother me. Why would a mother feel pain for helping her child through school. I no longer ask her for money. When she abandoned me at age 16 I guess child support would have not made my these days so hard financially. I do not accuse her but I realize that her love for money is greater than her love for me or it could be that since life decided to trip me she has lost faith in me to be able to succeed. It is ofcourse something I do ponder and I would not blame her for. Regardless my little trip or episode has showed me to become more independent to stop trusting in my parents to help me through. My father who owns a company promised to help me make one. A failed promise ofcourse. The last semesters I was enrolled he had no money I had to pay for it while working. Ofcourse lots of stress because you depend on them after they promise to help and than turn their back. I struggle with my circumstances and ofcourse my double-hearted parents. I am working now and ofcourse its not enough to support me through college like always I have to depend on my father which I hate since like my mom yelps at giving me one penny. I missed three semsters which depresses me because of money. My father says he will pay but the truth is the added stress of when he says he can't pay and I have think of ways to come up with money destroys me. Seriously I feel so low sometimes I think of prostitution all for what? To fufill my dream of being delivered from those lows and be able to help those in my situation. Ofcourse I wouldn't prostitute myself but the thoughts to enter my mind like suicide yet I look forward and pray there is another way. I would rather be beggar than a prostitute. Though I am already a beggar. Sadly my giver is not a cheerful. No charity in my world. But that is the world I live in, I will beg and beg till I am finally on top and be able to be that cheerful giver. Though even in my rough situations I give a little that I have as a prayer for somebody to do the same to others.

So today I am working in less stress enviorment and making decent pay. I only have enough to pay for a class next semester which is sad but I am determined to be able to get more classes and start my business so that I can pay for my classes and let my business run itself while I am in school. I will fight to get that degree even if it takes me 10 years one class a semster every semester. Yes that is my circumstance it is depressing but I have faith patience and hope something which I deem beautiful.

Be charitable give someone a dollar tip or a quarted. Have a bit of sympathy for the beggar and smile when you give him. Realize that we can't control it all but we can control somethings. And charity is one of those great things we can do. If you are callous like my father and yelp at giving a penny well consider that just maybe life will decide to make you trip and place you in the beggars shoes and you will see your own face on the man who denies you food or wine for your heavy heart.